I met a man about 3 years ago who was gentle and sweet.
He captured my heart and didn't miss a beat.

He came into my life when I was feeling sad and misled.
He brightened my world with the words that he said.

I knew this man was different than the ones before.
He was honest and caring and never a bore.

He drove a big truck from coast to coast.
Never forgetting the ones who loved him most.

He loved the road and the beautiful sites.
But he really didn't like driving at night.

For at night he could not see.
All the beauty that God gave to you and me.

He made lots of memories as he drove his truck.
He even laughs now at the times he got stuck.

He was forever getting lost along the way.
But that just added excitement to his day.

I helped and did what I could from far away.
Knowing he needed me made my day.

He's no longer driving a truck so big.
He now drives a van but still thinks he's in a rig.

He's recruiting new drivers to learn and to test.
How can they go wrong when they've heard from the best?

He can tell the new ones exactly how it feels.
Remember, he was a driver of 18 wheels.

It's a blessing to share with this wonderful man.
If anyone can make me smile, David can!

Darlene Lori Matthews